Patients Reviews

I do not know how to express this feeling as I look into the mirror. Looking into the mirror reminded me of how I always had to be inventive with my hair, hiding behind it to put on that smile with the continuous lingering thought of the unattainable dream that God would hear my prayer and give me my self-esteem. But that never happened. Hence, I carried that burden of looking into that mirror for the past 20 years. You have given me a chance to smile and be content. I will look people in the eyes now. Thank you, Dr. Cha!

Ji Y. | Sep 21, 2022

On behalf of myself, my wife, and my family we would like to give you a special thank you for performing my procedure. I thank God every day for sending you as his messenger to remove the cyst and tumor that could have been a danger to my life. May God bless you with continued health and strength to continue your holy work to help many more patients in the near future. All of the best, JD

Jacob D. | Sep 21, 2022

I appreciate the care that you gave me for my burns. Dr Spergel was right when he said you were the best!

Judie S. | Sep 21, 2022

I would be very happy to recommend Dr Cha to anyone interested in having cosmetic plastic surgery. I had a facelift along with surgery on my upper and lower eyelids and my neck and I was quite satisfied with the results. (I went to Dr Cha’s office asking just for a “facelift” and learned that that term refers only to the middle of the face, but the suite of surgeries I had—mid-face, eyelids, and neck—is very common.) My greatest fear at the outset was that I would end up with a very extreme look, but Dr Cha assured me that he would give me a very natural look, and he definitely did. Many people whom I saw after the surgery remarked that I looked very good, but not one of them guessed that I had “had work done.” One of those people was an eye/ear/nose doctor— who I knew would see the scars around my ears; she said I looked great and she never would have guessed. In addition to being highly skilled, Dr Cha is also quite careful of one’s general health: he asked my primary doctor to give clearance for the procedures and for any specific information that he considered relevant. Moreover, Dr Cha performed the three procedures separately—with a gap of several weeks between each procedure—in order to lessen the stress on my system. And very important, his overall manner is low-key and pleasant, with a subtle, gentle sense of humor, and he has fully answered any questions I have asked. He is an excellent surgeon and a human being of integrity and empathy.

J K. | Aug 04, 2022

Once again you have helped me when I was in need during my last East Coast family visit. The treatment protocol that you prescribed was very effective! Thank you so much for the courtesy that you extended to me.

Mary Ellen F. | Jul 25, 2022

Your gentle kindness when treating our son, Moshe, made his pain & ours more manageable. May you be blessed with success for many years to come.

Rachel S. | Jul 25, 2022

I have been seeing Dr.Cha for over 10 years. He is the BEST for botox and fillers! He is very knowledgeable, highly skilled, and attentive. It’s easy to make an appointment and his staff is very friendly and welcoming.

Jihyun L. | Jun 26, 2022