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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Obtaining large breasts is a common desire for many women. Unfortunately, many women feel uncomfortable with their breast size or shape, which can lead to feeling self-conscious or unhappy with their body in general. Wearing sexy dresses with plunging necklines may be a dream of yours, but your cleavage may not match how you want your curves to fill your clothes. For individuals who seek fuller, rounder breasts, fat transfer breast augmentation may be an ideal option to achieve the alluring, feminine physique desired. This can boost self-esteem and improve the way clothing fits on the body.

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If your breasts are disproportionately small for your body, asymmetrical, or you feel they have an undesirable shape, then fat transfer breast augmentation may be an excellent choice for you. Ideal candidates should be in good health and are advised to refrain from tobacco use. You may seek fat transfer breast augmentation if you have:

  • Small or flat breasts that appear deflated
  • Different sized or shaped breasts
  • Lowered self-confidence due to undersized breasts
  • A desire to enhance your breasts without implants or dramatic scars


Prior to surgery, each patient meets with Dr. Cha for an initial consultation to discuss personal goals and the desired outcome from fat transfer breast augmentation. Your personal preferences and body type will determine which techniques are used for your procedure. Fat transfer breast augmentation is generally performed while the patient is under anesthesia to ensure a painless, safe process.

— Liposuction

Minimal incisions are made, and fat is gently extracted from areas of the body with excess fat tissue (such as the thighs, hips, or abdominal region) and filtered through a fat purification process. The refined, strong remaining cells are injected into the breasts, resulting in fuller, rounder breasts and a more sculpted contour where fat tissue is removed.

— Fat Injections

Many women avoid breast implants for various reasons, including the risk of scarring or their body rejecting implant materials. Fat injections allow an all-natural procedure resulting in minimal scarring. Because the purified cells are transferred from one area of the body to the breasts, it avoids the risk of possible adverse side effects. The outcome is natural breasts that feel realistic.

Recovery and Results


Patient recovery time may vary depending on the factors involved; minor discomfort, stiffness, and swelling can be expected for the first two to five days. Breasts will be covered in gauze or bandages and sutures are used to expedite recovery. A support bra may be used for additional comfort. For the first three weeks, pressure on the chest and exercise should be avoided, and most patients return to their regular routines and work schedules within the first week. Carefully following your post-procedure instructions will help you heal as quickly as possible. Pain medication may be prescribed to relieve any discomfort during your recovery.


Fat transfer breast augmentation is designed to be a long-lasting, subtle increase in your breast size. In some instances, multiple procedures are required to achieve your desired results if you want a more significant breast increase. By removing excess fat from one area of the body, then transferring the purified fat tissue to your breasts, you can achieve the larger, natural breasts you’ve always wanted while maintaining the texture, look, and feel of natural breasts.

If you are unhappy with your current breast size and would like to learn more about gently enhancing your bust through fat transfer breast augmentation, contact our office today to schedule a consultation. By utilizing advanced technology and expertise, your dream body can become a reality! Our office can be reached by calling (212) 717-2222 or filling out an online contact form.

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