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Breast Augmentation in New York, NY

Women with smaller breasts or who have a bustline that doesn’t enhance their feminine figure may find that they lack confidence in their appearance. Many women have naturally small breasts, while others find that their breasts have diminished in size following pregnancy or weight loss. It doesn’t matter the cause of your poorly proportional breasts; all that matters is that there is a solution. Breast augmentation is the leading procedure for providing women with their ideal physique by increasing breast size and improving breast shape.

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Women considering breast augmentation surgery should be in good health and have realistic expectations about their results. The breast augmentation procedure is designed to improve the appearance of the breasts using implants. Thin women or women with little breast tissue may be limited to which size implants or which techniques can be used for their procedure. Women who can benefit from a breast augmentation may identify with one or more of the following:

  • Disproportionately small breasts
  • Breasts the lack definition and cleavage
  • Mildly sagging breasts
  • Breasts that don’t enhance your figure
  • Asymmetrical breasts

Breast Augmentation Procedure

All breast augmentations are performed with the patient under general anesthesia, which ensures a painless procedure. To increase the volume and improve the shape of your breasts, implants are inserted through incisions. Cleavage may be enhanced, and more pronounced breast crease definition can be made. The incisions are then closed.

Recovery and Results


You will experience some mild bruising and swelling following your surgery. Drains may be placed, and a compression garment should be worn to reduce swelling and improve healing. Patients will be required to limit their physical activity following the procedure. Most people can return to work within two weeks of their surgery and can resume their regular exercise program after four weeks, but chest exercises should be avoided for at least six weeks. Swelling can last up to six weeks, which can temporarily affect the appearance of your results.


Breast augmentation surgery is designed to provide long-lasting improvement to the appearance of your breasts. While some breast implant manufacturers have lifespans on their implants, many women face very few complications that would require breast revision surgeries.

— Scarring

Some scarring can develop following the breast augmentation surgery. The severity of your scarring will depend on incision placement and your body’s natural healing process. However, most patients feel that their amount of scarring is worth the long-term results and is only revealed in intimate situations.

If you are looking to improve the size and shape of your breasts through breast augmentation, please schedule your consultation with Dr. Eric Cha today. Contact our office at (212) 717-2222 or fill out our online contact form for additional information.

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